What To Expect On Your First Visit:

     Your therapy will begin the first day with a thorough discussion of your history followed by a physical evaluation of your condition. This first session will take approximately one hour, possibly more depending on your condition. Your therapist will discuss the causes of your condition, review your history of relevant treatment, perform special tests, and discuss your doctor’s assessment. At that point your physical therapist will discuss his or her findings with you and together we will map out the direction of your treatment plan as well as set goals for your return to activity. Your first day may also include, but not limited to, pain-relieving modalites, manual therapy, and/or therapeutic exercise to address any assessed deficits. You will very likely be given some “homework”, a detailed home exercise packet to supplement your PT visits in the clinic. Please feel free to ask any and all questions pertaining to our findings, treatment expectations, and our plan of care.


Follow Up Visits:

     Follow up appointments with Sport & Family Physical Therapy will most likely need to be scheduled for optimal effectiveness and safe, quality care. Typically, 2-3 visits per week are scheduled for a period of time that you and your PT feel necessary to reach your goals. For subsequent Physical Therapary (PT) treatment sessions, your physical therapist will continue to utilize: PT modalities to relieve pain and promote healing; highly skilled manual therapy; evidence based therapeutic exercise; specialized exercise equipment; and mechanical traction if needed; and follow up patient education and development of your own home exercise program. Many or all of these modes of treatment may be utilized to relieve your pain and return you to optimal function as quickly as possible.

     Upon your discharge, when your goals are met, you will leave Sport & Family Physical Therapy with your individualized home exercise program fully established. In addition, you will be well educated about your condition and fully understand how to maintain your status and prevent further injury or functional decline in the future.